thank god – moral story

God has created us. Our life is a gift of God. God has bestowed all sorts of blessings on us. To a new- born baby, God gifts his parent’s hearts with so much love, kindness and happiness that they are like God for their children. Parents are even more inspiring in their efforts to make their children happy and comfortable.

Parents try to provide all luxuries and comforts of life to their children. We must be indebted to them for all we get from them. It is our duty to serve and obey our parents.

God is beautiful. He created this wonderful world for our comfort. He blessed the Mother Earth with rivers, seas, lakes, ponds, wells and beautiful springs of water. God knows that creatures cannot live without water. He also filled the earth with immense wealth of gold and silver. Mankind from the beginning has been engaged to unearth this wealth. God knows all that mankind needs to survive on this earth. He made man think of growing corns for his food.

Think of the sea- life. A variety of species of sea- creatures cannot live on earth nor can they fly in air. The birds live in nests and He created trees where they make home. Everywhere we find life in one form or the other. Who looks after them? Of course, none else, but God.

Some people find it hard to believe that God exists. Others believe in his existence but they feel that it is not possible to know him. Since we cannot see God, we cannot know Him, they say. However, God’s creations all around force us to believe that there is some power which controls the ‘living’ and ‘non- living’ things. Moreover, human beings cannot create a single thing which is so perfect in design and function.

For exanple, the human ear with all its parts is wonderfully made. It enables us to hear. The eye too which is so well structured by God helps us to see and admire the beauties of his world. We can say the same about the other organs of our busy. Think of our brain and our memory power. A perfect ‘computer machine’! Scientists have yet to create its rival. Perhaps, they may never be able to do that. In they may never be able to do that. In fact our body is a unique machine.

All its parts act in unison. Our body and mind obey each other. How wonderful! There is much to be thought of about the bounties of God. However, God has given us a limited time to stay on earth. One day he calls us. We are all aware of the certainty of that end. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be grateful to God, the creator of this beautiful world.

We can express our gratitude through prayer and by serving all the creatures upon this earth. Pray to God each day, both in the morning and evening. Say your prayer in your heart. Thamk him for each beautiful day in your life and ask Him for power to fulfil this day with hard work and fellowship.


Oh God, we thank Thee

For this beautiful day in our life,

Help us to fill this day

With hard work

And fellowship,

So that we may be

The worthy citizens of India


Worth of Thy great name.

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