My name is ……..and I am …years old. I loved a girl very much and the girl was also in love with me. Our relationship lasted for not less 10 years. Our parents also know about our relationship. They wanted us to get married. We all were more than happy. But one day a family dispute took place in my family. My uncle usurped all our land and left us with nothing. We were bankrupted . The girl’s father came to know about our bankrupcy , but he didn’t tell us anything about what was going in his mind.
I thought everything was all right. So I worked hard to raise my family and to marry that girl. I had earned enough money to build a house. I also bought some new furniture and a bike. But one day I became completely stunned when I heard that the girl whom I wanted to get married was married to a stranger by his father. I was totally broken at that time. I even wanted to end my life, but then I thought of my family and carried on to live. But I am still in a state of confusion, if that girl loved me how could she marry another person……………..

Posted By : Yasundhara Thakur

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