Unfinished love story – end of love story

My name is Divya (Changed Name ) . I am from Una. When I was in Ten plus two, I started liking a guy who was living as paying guest in our locality. He was doing mechanical engineering in a near by college. Our house was very near where he was living as paying guest. He too started showing interest in me. He was very handsome. I liked his dressing sense very much. One day it was very nice weather. I was on the top of my home and enjoying the weather. When he saw me from his room, he too came at the top of his room where he was living as paying guest and started looking at me. From his gestures it was evident that he was interested in me. There was no body at the terrace except me and him. From his gestures he told me to pass the phone number but I did not respond to it because I did not understand what I was conveying by his gestures after that he wrote something on a page and made plane of the paper and threw it toward my home. Unluckily it did not reach at the top of my home and fell down. My father was passing from that passage where that plane was lying. I got afraid and started thinking what would I say if he asks me who threw it. So I started praying to God for helping me. My father picked up that paper and without reading on thing from it threw it in the dustbin. I had a sigh of relief. Slowly I came down stairs, opened dustbin and got paper from it. There was written my name in it and I love you. He had written his phone number also on that page. I thanked God that my father did not open that page. After that I went inside my drawing room. There was phone lying on the table. When no body was around, I dialed that phone number and that guy picked up the phone. I told him about myself. He was extremely happy as I had called me. He saved my phone number in his mobile phone. He started talking to me and asked me if I read the words which he had written on the paper. I answered in the affricative and then he asked about my decision about him. I told him that this is ‘yes’ from my side after that he got frank with me and talked about his family and his feelings about me. He told me that he had started liking him even when he had seen her for the first time. At that time, I told him that same condition is with me as I too had started liking him at the very first sight. We laughed a lot on the phone. Then I told him that the paper he had thrown toward me had fell on their court yard and by God’s grace his father did not read it and threw it in the bin. He was surprised to know that all and he too thanked God for saving me as well as him. Thus we became very good friends.

But on the very next day, his parents called him in their home. As they wanted to discuss something with him. Actually his parents had selected a girl for his marriage and his parents were very strict so he could not go against his parents. This thing he told me on phone when he had reached in his home. His course was almost there. So after that he did not come in the home where he was staying as paying guest. I wept bitterly on the hearing that all as I had become too much attached with him on phone. Although I experienced the feeling of my first love for the one day yet I can never forget it and would remember these moments through the whole of my life. Sometime, some people are not lucky enough in the matters of love and their love remains unfinished and same happened with me.

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