Why to lure boys by make ups

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Female (18yrs)


Studying in college. I don’t describe myself as an introvert but I am quiet friendly and resolved. During my 1st year I became favorite of most of professors as I am the branch topper and I have huge number of friends. But problem is they consider me as a ‘tom boy’ coz few times I behave like boys even I don’t use any sort of make over. When my friends(girl) introduce me to boys I don’t reciprocate.


Even I don’t like any boys of my age. And by now they mock me telling ‘r u gay? Common date someone tomy! ‘ Thing is I like men who may be 10yrs older than me, i.e, quiet mature n if I will tell my friends they will laugh at me. And if I don’t tell them they will consider me a tom boy! Should I change?


be like I’m? Is it necessary to lure boys by make ups and all??

Can anyone fall for a tomboy?

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