Ninety Gram gold

My name is Ankita (Changed Name ) . I am from Delhi. My father is a businessman. I am of twenty six years old. I have two brothers. They are younger to me after completing professional degree in commerce my parents started finding a suitable guy for me. My mother’s friend suggested a guy to my family who was mechanical engineer in Delhi and was from very rich family. My parents were in search of this type of guy. So they got ready for the further proceedings. Boys family came in our home to see me. I was very much tensed because I was thinking what would be there reaction after seeing he would they like me or not. If hey do not like me now my family would be able to come out of it as they had feeling that guy is the best of my dress and was looking beautiful. When they entered in the room, my cousin came in my room for telling about the guy who had come to see me. She was very happy to see the guy and told me that jeeju is perfect match for you as he is very handsome. Boy’s family got agreed for the marriage. Date of marriage was fixed and I was married of.

After two months I came along with my husband in my parental home to stay. When I was about to move from the home to go in my in-laws home, my mother handed over a gift. When I opened it, it was a gold necklace of ninety grams. It was very beautiful. I was very happy to receive that gift. I showed that necklace to my husband. He too was very happy to see that as it was very precious and beautiful and looking very nice on my neck. After that we sat in the car for coming back in my in law’s home. After reaching at some distance, there was a fruit shop. My husband asked me to buy some fruits for the home. I bought fruits from there and sat back in the car. When I reached home, I looked in to the mirror. I was completely shocked to know that my necklace was not there. My husband asked me to show the necklace to my mother-in-law. But I told him that I have kept in the locker and would show on some another day. I was in great confusion and was not knowing about what to do. I did not tell about it to my parents even. After two days of the loss of my necklace, in idea came in to my mind for doing the job so that I could collect the money to buy the same necklace. When I talked about doing the job to my husband. My husband said that there is no need to do the job. What ever money you want will be given to you. He asked me;” why do you want to do the job”. But I do not have any answer to tell. I am very afraid. I often think what would be the reaction of my husband and parents. If they come to know about the loss of the necklace.