A good decision about life

A good decision about life

This is my true story when I was doing job in Chandigarh. My name is Upma (Changed Name). I was working as HR in Infosys. I was staying as a paying guest and have many friends in Chandigarh. We enjoyed every moment of life with great time. I and my sister were living together. After some time my sister was transferred to Banglore. We both got separated. I missed her a lot. I felt alone in the holiday. I talked for 2 or 3 hours at home. I and my friends planned a trip to hilly area like kulu-manaali. We enjoyed together and captured some photographs. I have those photographs till now.
As time passed, my family was thinking about my marriage. They were searching a good guy for me who should be well settled. One day I got call from my home about some guy. I was provided details about him like from where he is, what he is doing, what’s his job profile? What’s his interests and where he is living etc. I had believed that my mom- dad will search a good guy for me.
I went home and talked to my parents. My parents showed me the profile. I saw it and said it is OK. My family invited guy and his family at home. They came and I talked with them.. They said they are agreed with the relation. Our parents wanted us (from me and with that guy) to talk to each other, so that we could know each other. The guy’s name was Umesh. We started talking like:-

Umesh:- Hello upma
Upma:- Hello umesh, how are you?
Umesh: – I’m fine and what about you?
Upma: – ok good. I’m also fine.
Umesh:- So Upma. Are you from Chandigarh?
Upma:- Yeah
Umesh:- Ok good
Upma: – and you??
Umesh: – I’m working in Bangalore but my hometown is a small village near Ludhiana. So I’m living in a flat. In holidays I visit my home.
Upma:- Ok …
Umesh:- So where you want to stay after marriage? Will you transfer your job or go on living in Chandigarh?
Upma:- I will transfer it. Can you forward my resume in some company located in Bangalore?
Umesh:- Yeah obviously, I will do it. You please send it ok?
Upma:- Ok thanks . I’ll do it.
Umesh:- Yeah
Upma:- Hm ok.
Umesh:- So it is nice talking to you and My answer is yes
Upma:- (Smiles)
Umesh:– what’s yours answer?
Upma:- Yeah mine too.
Umesh:- (Smiles)
Upma:_ Ok now we will talk to Parents. They will decide.
Umesh:- Yeah ok.

In this way my marriage was arranged in a short period of 1 month. It was difficult for me to do preparations. But yeah I did it with one of my best friend sheenam. I decided to get marry as I liked Umesh.
I was happily preparing for the marriage and enjoying every moment. I called my sister to come at home even when it was difficult for her to get holidays. My sister came at home. We both enjoyed a lot.
I got married to Umesh. He is very caring and nice person. Due to my decision to get marry, I’m spending a happy life with him.

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