Memorable journey at hostel

Memorable journey at hostel!

It is really nice when I remember my college life and hostel life.
My name is Jaya and I was doing B.Tech from NIT. My college timing was 9:00 AM to 5:00PM. I enjoyed my lectures and all classes. But it was also the good experience to bunk classes. We all friends sat at canteen and spend time together. It was of my friend’s birthday party where we enjoyed a lot. We were offered much to eat even when we were not able to eat all ordered things. One of my friends was making video in which all our talks were recorded. When we listen that, we enjoy it a lot. We start laugh when we see our self that how we were. Me and my all friends are very good .I miss them all in my job time. We spend time together and have no tension, only we have to do study a lot and score marks in exam.
One day we all planned to go for a movie “jaane tu ya jaane na”. It was really enjoyable to watch. I was very studious in my graduation time. When I was in third semester, my sister also joined me and we were roommates. So I was enjoyed all my hostel life and college life.
One day my lecturer told to prepare seminar and give presentation on an electromagnetic theory. One of my friend helped me a lot to prepare this seminar. His name is Ryan. He cleared every single concept of the topic to teach me. I prepared well and next day was my seminar. I started to provide lecture. Every student asked me their queries and I was successful to clear them all. My professor also asked many questions in that topic. I answered all very well.
It was just wonderful experience of mine to give seminar. My friends also appreciated me much. They told me that I spoke well and I didn’t give even a single minute to them to be free. They all were noting complete concepts that I was telling. It was really good experience for me and that seminar was my first seminar. I was happy that I fared well.
The day came when provided fresher’s party by seniors. We were welcomed at college. We got new friends and new learning life. We enjoyed fresher’s party together.
In that time we enjoyed all parties like fresher party, Diwali function and farewell party in my college.
I missed all those things spent in my college and hostel. In hostel, I had a lot of friends. We enjoyed together, studied together and played together. It was wonderful to remember those moments. And I missed the line also: Every friend is necessary”. This line we share with each other. In my job time I met all friends and again we had reunion.
Now my every friend is settled well and yeah has some busy life in working days. But yeah we always talk in holidays. This was my life story at college and hostel days. Thanks to read this.

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