A journey to Indian Army

A journey to Indian Army!

This is my real story when I was in B.Tech professional. I had aim to become captain in Indian army. My B.Tech was over. Now I was filling up the form of captain in Indian army. I applied for this job.
This is the story of 2012 when I filled up the form in May. I was also doing job in private company and thinking to try for this opportunity. I was shortlisted and got the interview letter in November in which I saw my interview date was 23rd jan 2013. I had to report at Allahabad at the given venue where there will be the arrangement to provide the VIP treatment for the participated candidates.
The interview day was near. One of my relatives told me to take coaching so that I could know what would be level of interview. I searched some of the best coaching centers in Chandigarh. ***** academy is one of them. I and my some friends went there. We met faculty and came to know about its coaching times, rules and regulations.
We all friends took their pamphlet and came outside. Some issues were rising in joining the coaching classes as I was not sanctioned leaves from my job. And they had coaching timings of8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
We came back to home. I was thinking a lot about this coaching and decided that I will practise it myself.
I searched in the internet and finding the interview details. I got it that there are five levels.

First round: – Aptitude test
Second Round: – Picture perception test
Third Round:-Group task
Fourth Round: – To resolve the task individually and group discussion.
Fifth Round – Screening and conference.

I thought these are all general and I don’t think so to take any coaching. As Indian army requires candidates who are not artificial and behaves naturally, performs according to their knowledge.
Indian army requires intelligent, truthful and innocent people. I thought there should not be any need for coaching. I‘ll do it in my own.
I prepared my general routine like when I went office; I considered my surroundings as the picture and try to make perception about that.
I practiced outdoor tasks when I came back from office. I used to go army ground and tried for long jumps, running, to jump with in the assigned marks,
In this way, I practised almost all tasks.
The day came when I had to go to Allahabad at the given venue. I went there. I had some fear that I would clear the test or not, as there were many hopes of my mom-dad was with me .I didn’t want to dash into ground that. I was not worried about If would I will get the job or not, but I was worried about my family hopes attached to me.
I talked to my dad and our conversation was:-
Dad: – How are you?
Me:-I’m fine (with smile). I’ll try my best.
Dad: – It’s ok. Our happiness lies in your happiness!
Me:- Thanks Dad. (I smiled with tear in my eyes).
Ok Dad will talk to you after appearing interview.
Dad: – Ok. Take care.
Me:- Take care you too Dad
My interview has started, one by one result were announced. Some of my competitors name were announced. I closed my eyes and said sorry to dad.
At that same time, my name was announced. I felt very happy at that moment that it is unable to express now.
That moment was really great and I always miss my journey to Indian army.

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