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eye opener

My name is ……. I study in B.A 1st year. I had love affair with a boy. Everything was going on well. The boy was caring, loving and had all the qualities which should be in a boy. We often went in to the hotels and restaurants to meet each other. He had a friend who often assured me that the boy with whom I am loving is very good & he is whole heartedly devoted to you only. He never talks about any other girl except you.

One day I was sitting in a lawn of the college. I met with a girl who was in B.A 2nd year. She started talking to me and we became very good friends soon. After two days of our friendship we talked to each other about boy friends. She told me that I have a boy friend who is the most caring and loving & she also told me that no other boy of the world can love her that much as he loves her. Then we went out of the college for calling to our boy friends as we had not mobile phones at that time and we were also not allowed to bring mobiles in the college campus. Firstly I dialed the no. of my boy friend. He picked up the phone. Our conversation went on like this

Me – Hello Jannu

My Boy Friend (Bunty)- Hello Jaan

Me – How are you

My Boy friend ( Bunty) – Fine

Me – why did you not come in the college today. Have you made friendship with some other girl that you do not bother about coming in the college and looking at me & talking to me.

My boy friend – (Bunty) jaan I can never think of any other girl except you. I love you the most. Do not hurt my feeling by talking like this as you also know that I love you the most .

Me – OK. I have recently made a friend who is very nice and her. Boy friends name is also bunty.

My boy friend (Bunty)

My boy friend there are many boys in this world whose name are bunty.

Me – O.K. are you coming tomorrow in the college.

My boy friend (Bunty) – of course. I can not live without talking to you continuously for two days. I am coming in the college just to meet you jaan

Me – o.k. bye

My boy friend- bye jaan how is my jaan looking today. Click a photograph of eager to see you.

Me – o.k. bye baba. I am sending you soon.

My friend was also trying the phone no. of her boy friend but his phone was showing busy tone. She tried continuously for ten minutes but her boy friend’s phone was every time busy. She was looking some what worried. I assured her to try again . he might pick up the phone this time. This time she tried and he picked up the phone. There conversation went on like this.

She- hello why were you not picking up the phone? Were you talking to some another girl?

Her boy friend- no jaan I can never think of any other girl except you. Why do you hurt my feeling by talking like this. As you also know that you are the only girl in the world whom I love the most.

She – why did you not come today in the college?( her boy friend was also absent on that day)

Her boy friend- I did not come today because I was not feeling well.

She – how are you now? Are you coming tomorrow?

Her boy friend- I am fine now of course I would come tomorrow to meet you only as I can not live without you continuously for two days.

She- o.k. so meet me tomorrow in the college.

Her boy friend:- O.K. Jaan how is my Jaan looking today? I want to see you now. Just click a photograph & send it to me.

She- O.K Jaanu bye I will send you soon

I am standing near her when she was talking to her boy friend. I was surprised to find that who the two different boys can have same type of conversation. as the questions which I had asked to my boy friend & she asked to her boy friend the answers were the boy times same. I felt some what nervous because our boy friends had same names also. I was fully worried and I asked her to show me the phone no. of her boy friend. The no was same. I felt like crying. She too was very nervous & she too started weeping. now it was clear that her boy friend & my boy friend was the only one person. I dialed his no. & started rebuking & she took the phone from me & started rebuking him & was crying at the same time.

This is how he got caught. Had she not not made friend of mine he would have been cheating both of us even now. Our eyes opened. After that day we made good friend & that guy was discarded by both of us.

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