After Marriage true love story

My name is Alycia (Changed Name ) and I liked a guy named Alen (Changed Name ) . One day I told him that I want to meet his mother. So I went to his home to meet his mother. His mother behaved with me like her own daughter. She told me to become the member of this home soon. It was really good to meet his mother. So I told Alen to marry me and I wanted him to come at my home to talk to my family. He came and talked to my father.
My father did not agree with him and told me that Alen cannot be the good life partner for me.
Alen told me that you are leaving him and if I really love her then I can run away with him. We had talk between us:-
Alen: – You don’t want to marry me, if you can you love me you can leave your home and can come with me.
I replied: – Alen if I will come with you, I’m not only come with you but my families respect will also there. I will not run alone but I would have my family respect with me.
Alen: – that what am saying, you do not like me and do not want to marry me.
I said: – This is not the way Alen.
Alen said: – what about the promise you did with my mother?
I replied: – I got tears in my eyes. I replied she would have understood me if he were a girl.
My mom- dad told me to marry some other guy named Alvin (Changed Name ) who was working as HR executive in Infosys.
I said: – I do not want to marry now. Please don’t talk to me on this topic. My all relatives and family was saying me to marry.
I told all: – I’m an independent girl and I can survive with my own package.
They said: – you are independent we know, But to marry has no relation with the matter that you are earning well. This is the rule that God made.
And we all have to suffice it.
They all convinced me and I agreed for the marriage.
Alen also came to know about it.
Alen met me one day and told: – I will come back again with the different image what your father wants me. And in that day I will be better than the guy you are marrying now.
I got married with Alvin. There is one year spent after our marriage. Alvin was celebrating my birthday party. I found many guests in the function. The party was great and we celebrated it.
I saw Alen in the party. It was incredible to see him. He met me in the party and told me:-
See Alycia, Today I’m the owner of big industry and earning more than your husband.
I did not answer and came from there.
He came to my path and stopped me to go.
I answered: – You are taking your own meaning of being rich and repeating many times a same thing. I liked you but now I got married with Alvin.
I came outside and saw Alvin. He came to know about our affair.
I got worried and told him: – Alvin it was before marriage and now is nothing.
If you want to punish me then I have no problem. You can…

He said: – Punish for what? What have you done? You loved someone only and that is not wrong. Love is the gift of God.

I regard him and told him: – I’m happy that you are in my life.

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