Can Love happen twice

My name is Aisha (changed Name ) . I was in affair with one guy. We both liked each other a lot. One day I talked to my mom dad about him. My father met him and asked some questions and he found he cannot be the suitable life partner for me. My father has refused for the marriage.

My father told me to marry some other guy. He told me that he is good one and will be best life partner for me.

I told my father: – I’m not interested in marriage now. My mom came to me and asked me to value for the relation my father was saying to me.

She said: – It’s our responsibly to fulfill it.

I said: – I became emotional and I said ok for marriage.

My mom-dad became happy and started preparations for the marriage.

I got married with Alfie (Changed Name ).

He asked me:– Have you any kind of problem. Till the time we married you are not behaving well. Were you married according to your own wishes

I said: – Yeah I was not willing to marry. I cleared him very first day I’m the girl of today’s time. So never think if we are married now you have got all right.

He answered: – Ok I understood well. Thanks! And he moved from there.

After some days his mother told me to prepare the non-veg as I did not know how to cook it.

And she is step mother of Alfie. I refused to cook.

But Alfie told me to cook and said she is elder than us and we have to obey her.

I went to kitchen to cook non veg. I prepared it with gloves.  The food was prepared and I served it on dining table.

My mother in law tasted food and said: – Is this cooked food? It’s really a non-tasty. She started scolding me.

Alfie told me to say sorry.

I said: – No.

But after some time I told his step mother sorry and said her I never cooked non-veg and even I can’t see non veg that’s why I’m failed to prepare it.

After two days Alfie’s step mother told me to deposit my jewelry to her.

I said: – I will not submit and I can take care of my things.

Alfie told me to hoard it to mom.

I did not want but I gave it to her.

I came back to my room and Alfie looked at me.

I said Alfie:– I told sorry and deposited  my jewelry to her but I’m not agree with this wrong attitude.

Next day he told me that he is going on office tour.

At night his step mother’s son called me to come at his room to discuss some official issues.

I said: – We will talk tomorrow morning.

He replied: – Bhabhi it’s urgent.

I said ok: – I’m coming.

I went to him.

He tried to misbehave with me. I slapped him and came outside.

I saw Alfie in front of me outside the door.

My mother in law told Alfie: – Is she your wife? See what she is doing with your brother?

His cousin also said: – Yeah she  came to me and was misbehaving with me.

I told: – Alfie believe me, they all were lying.

Alfie told: – Mom I can agree with your all sayings but if you will say to have doubt on Aisha’s character, that is impossible. You all are wrong here and Aisha is right.

I looked at Alfie and he left the place.

I touched my wedding necklace and Vermilion. on that day Alfie increased his more respect in my eyes. I was feeling I fell in love with Alfie.

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