All boys are same – truth of life

My name is Nidhi (Changed Name) . I am studying in graduation. There was a boy in our class whose name was Ishaan (Changed Name). We became very good friends. We always started spending time with each other. I started discussing things related to my life with him. All students of the class had come to know that we are very good friends and we always help each other. One day, I was not well. I had fever. He did many efforts for providing me the medicine and helped me for reaching at home. I had not any sort of negative feeling for him. My feelings for him were spiritual and 100% pure. I had too much trust in him. I trusted him more than any other student in the class. Whenever I asked for any sort of help from him, he never said ‘no’. He had even introduced me with his family. He belonged to highly reputed family. His father was bank manager and his brother was well settled in abroad. I had full faith in him. I could never thing that he could misbehave with me. He never tried to make me feel uncomfortable whenever I was sitting beside him.

One day, he told me that he wants to tell me something I took it very lightly and asked for telling what he wants to tell. But he said that he could not say that in front of everybody. So he told me for going outside the college. When I went out of the college, he made me to stop in the way and told me that he wants to have friendship with me as he liked me very dearly. He told me that he was planning about saying it for many days but he never got the opportunity and now he could not resist his feelings toward me and expressed everything what was going on in his mind. Really that was very shocking for me. I had never thought that he would say these words to me. I strongly said ‘no’ to him as I had those types of feelings for him. When I said ‘no’, he laughed and said that I too have type of feelings for him but is saying ‘no’ because my family is very rigid. I innocently told him that really I do not experience any feeling for him. Then he said that take time and they would discuss about it the next day.

When I reached, at my home, I wept bitterly and thought that all boys could never understand the girls. Their thinking is just limited up to the love or friendship. Whenever girls try to support a boy, he always takes it wrongly and starts thinking that the girl is interested in him. Somehow I gathered my courage and reached the college next day. Again he came near me and when there was no body in the class he caught my hand and tried to kiss me. I could not tolerate that all so I slapped on his face and warned him for coming near to me next time. After that incident I broke all relations with him and started hating the boys and now I can not believe any guy in my life.

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