Love Enigma – A Love Mystery

My name is Alisha (Changed Name) . I am from Sri Lanka. Through this site, I want to share an experience related to me which occurred a few days back. I am of nineteen years old and doing bio engineering in a college. There were some boys in our college who were famous for their anti social activities. Playing with the feelings of the girl was their hobby. They were in the habit of luring the girls by showing their richness and after that leave them in the lurch. All those boys belonged to the high strats of society. So, even the principal of our college could not do anything to eresticate them from the college.

One day, one boy from those boys proposed me. I was of the view the guy who has proposed me also belong to the same category of boys. So I immediately rejected his proposal. After that he started following me when I used to go back to my home. When I did not pay even a little bit attention to him then he used a girl of our class who was known to him. He told her for expressing his feelings to me. He told her everything whatever he had in his heart for me. That girl met me in the canteen and told whatever that boy had told her to tell me. Those words were really very appealing. From the way she expressed his feelings to me was evident that he was in love with me. But at that time, I was not experiencing any feeling for him. To that girl he had handed over his phone number and had told her to pass it to me so that I could call him.

I thought that he is trying to make me fool. So I went straight way to him and warned him for not coming near to me. I tore the slip before him in which he had written the phone number after that incident he stopped following me and even coming in the college after a week he started coming in the college. This time she did not use that girl for conveying me any message regarding his feelings to me. After a month, he made me to stop outside the college. He had tear in his eyes and told me that his feelings are true regarding me and why does not trust him and understand him. He told that this has not happened earlier with me. Then he handed me his phone number and told me to call him after reaching the home.

At one hand, I thought that his feelings for me are true but on the other hand, I thought that his group is not right means his friends are involved in the anti social activities and he too belongs to the same category. So, I again took back my steps and did not call him. After that he came in the college but did not tell me for calling me but just conveyed a single message by that girl and that message was that he could not expect feelings from the stone hearted girl like me and told that he would never be able to forget him. Although she does not accept his friendship but she would remain my friend forever. After that he left the college and joined his family business and did not do any effort to meet me. I too had feelings for him but I was not sure if his feelings for me are true or untrue. That is why I did not continue. My friendship with his love for me remained just a mystery.

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