An incomplete love story

My name is jyoti (changed Name ). This is my true love story. I was living in Chandigarh. I started liking a guy whose name was Jatin (Changed Name ) . I like jatin a lot. He has many positive points. He is intelligent, handsome and working as a Sr. manager in his own factory. He is kind-hearted. He has the only negative point that he don’t talk to me. I want to talk to him but he ignores me. He has his little brother who already talks to me and considered me his bhabhi. He was also helping me to understand his brother and says he is not that much rude.
The days were going on. My family was looking out a boy for me. I told this to Jatin. His brother enabled him to understand the fact. But he was fixed in his statement that he has no heart and he has no place for love. I said ok, don’t like me and don’t marry me.
I went to my home and told my parents to fix my marriage where they want. Jatin also knew this that I’m going to be married. But he had asusual no effect.
I got married with a guy in a very big home who had his own business and they were earning in crores. Everything was big in that home. There was not any shortage of anything. Big house, big money, big factories and big children of my husband!
I came to know this fact after marriage. My husband told me on the day, when I came to his home. He introduced me with everyone at home, his grandmother, grandfather, and mother, father, brother, sister and his big children. I was really shocked when I came to know about this. I and my family did not know about anything this. It was the day for me when I wanted to die.
One day, my mom dad came to my home to meet me and I found jatin and his brother with them. Jatin wanted to meet me and talk to me.
He told: – Come with me, I will marry you .I’am sorry for what I did to you.
I answered: – sorry for what. Jatin, you did not do anything wrong, you had no feelings for me so you did not loved me. And I’am very happy in my home. Please do not interfere in my life.
Jatin: – Hey I know everything. I did not know that you were going to marry this guy otherwise I would not allow it to happen.
I told: – Nothing has happening to me. This is my luck and I’am happy. You please go.
Jatin:- I will not go, you have to sign the divorce papers and have to go with me. ok?
I replied: – No need of your or any kind of favour from you..
Jatin: – Idiot. I’am not helping you. I’am missing you a lot. I’am missing the way you come to me, disturbs me and continuously talk to me unnecessarily. I need that jyoti. Please come back jyoti. I’m doing this for me. For me, Please sign the divorce papers.
Isaid:- I cried a lot in heart and said I will not. I will live here and you please go now.
Jatin:- I’m waiting and I will wait for you always. whatever your decision will be. Now I will come to disturb you until you will not change your decision and don’t get ready to come with me.
Jatin went and he is still asking me to come with him.

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