Adjustments after marriage

This is my true story! I was living with my mom dad and brother. My father fixed my marriage with the person who drinks and smokes. I wanted ever that the person who marry me should be well educated and never drink and smoke. My father loves me a lot but fixed my marriage with him by telling he will improve after marriage. He said he has given his words and can’t step back. He did not listen to my mother even . He does what he thinks right. He told that boy’s father is too good in nature but I was marrying with his boy not his father. Upto what time he will be there with us to resolve the issues? But yeah really his father was too nice and great. He never hide anything from us , he told clearly about his son that he drinks, smokes and even he has not job.
I respect his father and mine too. So I got married with that guy. The family was too long. I was living with my mother in law, father in law and have five sister in laws. My husband is the only son in that family. I always kept patience as it was difficult to adjust in a long family. My sister in laws were good but very possessive that I should complete their needs. Whenever I went to my home they always asked me why am I going and after coming they always asked me what have I brought from there? My father in law always supported me regarding all these issues and scolded them whenever he heard about all these things asked to me by my sister in laws and mother in law. If you are demanding for one fridge or one Television then make ready five ahead as you have five daughters. You need to prepare it for your in-laws. Never ask this question from your daughter in law.
My husband has also this positive point that he never demands anything from me and never asked what I’m bringing from my family. Even he told me if you will give the dowry then I will not marry. And baraat will not come on marriage day.
He has only negative point that he drinks and smokes. He has not job. When I got married he started working in a government job. He never restricted me for anything and he also never wanted that he will have some restrictions on him. He also left drinking after marriage but after some time he met his one of his friends. He forced him to drink once, he refused but still took it his request. That day and this day, He is drinking and I do not like that.
My likes and dislikes do not meet his likes and dislikes. One day I was using his computer. He was saying all this to some another girl. I saw his talks with some another girl. I got very sad that he has affair with other girl. I told it to him that what he is doing? He told me it is just the talk and do not take it serious. I asked him if I will do this then what? He answered do then .I have no problem. You use my computer and do what you want. What I can say we are living and caring for each other because we got married only. I need to do adjustments as in my home girls cannot live separately after marriage as this is the rule of Indian society.

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