baby in my womb – love story

Hi friends I am N….. studying in B.SC Eco. Part 2. I am living as paying guest near my college. As there was not any college near my residence, I started living as paying guest near my college. I am good in studies. I am in love with a boy who also studies in my college. She often come at the place where I am living as paying guest to discuss the syllabus with me as exams are coming near. Our friendship changed into love after some time. I often fear what would happen if my parents come to know about it as they are very strict. After spending winter vacations at home. When I reached at the place where I was living as paying guest I felt too lonely without him. I called him in the home as there was nobody in the home. My passion grew & I could not help myself going near him. He too was feeling too lonely as I had gone at my home for spending winter vacations. We came closer to each other at that time & involved in the physical relations. I became pregnant after sometime. My parents had chosen a boy for me for the marriage. Now they want me to get marry with the boy which they have selected for me. But there is a baby in my womb who belongs to someone else. I can not discuss this with my parents as they are very strict regarding these matters. Now suggest me what should I do. If I should marry with the boy whom my parents has chosen for me or run away with the boy with whom I am in love.


  1. Tell the truth to ur parents and convince them ,told them that boy is so good which u select ,at least once fix a meeting with ur love with parents
    If all is not go well then u just say to your parents that u don’t marry any body except him.

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