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My name is…. I study in a college. I fell in love with a girl who was in my class. She looked very innocent to me. One day, I proposed her. After some hesitation, she accepted my proposal of friendship she was good in studies. We exchanged phone no’s with each other. We used to talk daily on phone. All the students had come to know that we are in love with each other. I was whole heartedly devoted to her as my love was true. One day, we were sitting in a lawn of our college and I saw her phone. There were many calls from the same no. and of much duration. When I enquired about it to her, she told me that it is my brother’s no. he often calls me whenever he needs my guidance in any matter. I agreed with her. But one day, I saw her with a boy in a restaurant as all my friends had decided to go in a restaurant for dinner & making fun when I saw her, she turned her mouth to another side as she had not noticed me. I was in great confusion and started thinking if this is the same innocent girl with whom I am in love. I reached near her and asked her about that boy who was sitting near her. She told me that he is her boy friend and said,” there is not any thing wrong in having boy friend, if I am involved with you, it does not mean that I can not sit with any other boy in the restaurant.” After listening these words I fled from that place without having dinner . I did not talk to her from the last week. She also did not express her desire to talk with me. But I am not able to forget her. What should I do. Should I leave her & start talking with her as before.

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