beautiful feeling the love is

Love is the beautiful feeling that cannot be expressed to anyone. It can only be felt by the person who fell in the love. I too fell in the love with someone. He used to care a lot always gave me the first preference. We used to talk a lot and he never got angry at all with my nuisance talks. After knowing the fact that we cannot be with each other even then we fall in love.

But I am so unlucky that I cannot meet with him now. Infact we cannot talk with each other because he is going abroad now. I am not at all happy that he is going abroad. Day and night I cry a lot and only think of him. He is very precious to me and we all know that if anything is not present in our luck one cannot get that.

Luck plays a very vital role in one’s life so making our self upset is not the solution. The meaning of life is that to move on and if we will not move it will torture a lot.

But in my entire life I regret that person whom I love a lot and cannot make him a life partner and he not even met me when he was going to abroad.

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