Ego problems in husband

Husband-Wife is the two wheels which move simultaneously together. If one of the wheel stops working the other will also stop. So coordination is very important in the married life. The era in which we are living girls are also becoming independent and they love to live independent now a days .

But unfortunately the ego comes to them. If the woman or the girl is working in the MNCs company and the man is working in any small department in that case the status comes between them and clash of ego take s place which not only affects the professional life of the couple but also affects the married life too.

I and my husband both are working in the multinational company. My designation and package is higher than my husband. Initially he didn’t have any problem with my profession and we were happy and spending the life happily. But suddenly my job started bringing ego problems in my husband. He used to start taunting me and started ignoring me.

After this thing I realized that why a women cannot earn more than a husband. Due to all these clashes in the family I opted to quit the job and decided not to do it again.

Do you all think that what I did, was right ?

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