Broken Heart – Ditch By Girl

My name is Satish (Changed Name ). I am doing M.SC 2nd year in university. There is a girl in my class who wants to have friendship with me. She is very smart as well as intelligent girl. One day she came in to my room for discussing the notes. She always helps me in everything. So I also provides help to her. After getting the solution of every problem related to the study, she expressed her inner self before me. She told me that she is deeply in love with me and even want to marry me. She told me that she does not marry any other person except me.


When she was discussing this with me, there were tears in her eyes which were showing her innocence as well as truthfulness. She was not hiding anything from me. But I do not have feelings in my heart for any girl of the world. When I was in +2, I had friendship with a girl who was extremely beautiful. Our friendship continued for four years. I had not thought about any other girl in those years. I had deep attachment with her. I did everything for making her happy. I spent too much money on her.


There was my friend who had come from Canada. I made my friend to meet my girl friend. Is that boy was extremely rich, my girl friend was greatly impressed by his beauty as well as richness. I do not know when she noted down his ( my friend’s) mobile number from my mobile and they started talking to each other on phone. My friend did not tell me anything about it. One day, I went in to the restaurant, I saw that they were sitting in the restaurant and talking to each other.


My friend was holding the hand of my girl friend in his hand and they were too much near to each other. It was clear from their sitting sense that there was something in between them. I slapped my girl friend at that time as I got very angry. She told me that what is my fault if you are not so rich to fulfill my wishes. Till then I hate girls and do not want any girl to enter in my life as I think every girl to be of same stuff. Please suggest me what should I do. Should I accept her offer or not as he thinks me to be stone hearted and feeling less person.

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