My Tale Of Woe

My name is Hardeep (Changed Name ) . I am of 29 years old. I am doing job in one of the reputed company of my area. I am the single child of my parents. My father is in electricity department and mother is a govt teacher. As I was single child of my family my parents had too many expectations regarding my life. As soon as I got the job, my family selected a girl for my marriage. They had too many expectations from her. I have joint family. My father selected that girl for me and like an obedient child, I accepted whichever girl was chosen by my father for me.


I too had so many dreams about my marriage. I spent too much money on marriage. We spent too much money on gold also. That girl was from poor family so we helped them a lot financially also. We did not demand for any dowry from them. On my wedding night, I went in the room which was very nicely decorated by me a day before of my marriage. That girl was looking very beautiful in red coloured lehenga.  But when I entered in the room, I was stunned to know that girl was not there.


I found her in every room of the home. But she was no where. I told about it to my family. They too got surprised to know about it. When they reached in my room, they noticed that money as well as gold was missing from there. She had run away by taking jewellery from the home. When I talked about it to my friend, he told me that girl had affair with a boy three years ago, perhaps she has run away with her. But when I asked him why did he not tell about it before marriage, he said that he was not sure about her relationship with her and he did not want to hurt my feelings by saying so. I had bought a gift for her which often reminds me about the incident which happened at my wedding night. Now I want to ask her if she had not love for me and had love for some one else, then why did she get ready for the marriage with me. Why did she hurt my feelings and spoiled my life. But sometimes, I think it is better that she run away with her boy friend because if she did not leave my house and had relationship even after staying in my home, then my life would not have been latter than hell.

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