Cheat by Girl friend – true sad love story

My name is k**** I am in love with a girl who is in my class. I study in a college. She looked me very innocent. One day, I proposed her for friendship. After some hesitation, she accepted my proposal. I started talking with her on phone daily. My intimacy developed with her with the passage of time. Actually, I had the idea of getting marry with her by starting friendship in the beginning one day, we were sitting in lawn of our college. I saw her cell phone,. There were many calls from the same no. on that phone. When I enquired about it from her, she told me that my brother calls me often & these calls are from his cell phone as he discusses everything with me before talking any final decision I agreed to it.

One day, we all of the friends were in the mood of joy, a saw the same girl (with whom I was in love) there. She was sitting with a boy. Firstly when I looked at her, I could not believe what was in front of my eyes. I was completely broken when I asked her about it, she told me he is her friends & asked is it wrong to sit with a boy in restaurant if I am involved with you. I left the place without eating anything from that restaurant and reached at home. I could not eat my dinner. I was completely lost in the scene which I had seen in restaurant. When I went to college, I could not talk to her. Neither she talked to me. I am not able to forget that girl. Suggest me the best option.



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