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My name is Resham (Changed Name ). I am from Jammu and Kashmir. I want to share the true experience of my life after which my life underwent change completely. I had completed my studies and was doing job in a company. My parents were looking for suitable match for me. One day, I put my profile on Facebook . A daily visited face book for getting any reply. I posted one of my that photograph on my profile in which I was looking very handsome.

At last I got a reply from a girl who was from Punjab. I was bewildered to see that beautiful girl in her profile picture she was highly qualified. I was very happy to find that such a beautiful girl can get ready for marriage with me. I Went through her profile again and again. At last I got message from her.

I went through that which showed that she was interested in me. Somehow, I gathered my courage to call her. My attachment to her had grown to great extent after seeing her profile picture. She picked up the phone. Her voice was exceedingly sweet. For sometime I kept silent. She was speaking ‘Hello’ ‘Hello’ but I was not finding any words to start my conversation with her. Somehow I gathered my courage and started conversation. I had already come to know about her name from her profile. So I called her by her name. first word at that time which came out from my name was ‘Shanya’ (Changed Name ) she too kept silent for some time after listening her name.

It was happening for first time with me as I was experiencing that I have fell in love with her. I told her if had many things in my mind to see you but now I am finding my self totally blank. She replied that same condition is here. Then she asked me about my job, family and caste. Surprisingly her caste matched with my caste and I got too much interested in her. She disclosed everything related to her in very first call of mine and it was clear that she was very innocent and was not concealing any thing from me.

We talked about for full one hour with each other. It was appearing to me at that time. That She is not strange to me at all and I have called to her for thousand times before this call as our talk grew with in a very short span of time informal.

It had never happened to me in my life , Before it. This feeling I was experiencing for the first time. After disconnecting my phone I felt my self at the seventh star. I was laughing to myself and was worrying that nobody should see me in my this state of mind. Otherwise everybody would feel that I have gone mad. Actually I was my love for her which had made me exceedingly happy and I felt my self the happiest and the luckiest person of the world.

When I entered in to my room I started singing the song of Amir Khan , “Phela Nasha….. I was waiting for her call but she did not call me. He did not slept at that night and waited for her phone for the whole of night. Sometimes I gathered my courage to call her but at the same time an inner voice asked me ‘no’ because it had not understood her completely and I did not want to commit any mistake which could take her away from me. I waited for her call till 4:00 A.M. After that I kept my phone aside and was feeling very tired and I do not know when I slept.

Sleep came to me suddenly as I was waking all throughout the night. It was 10:00 A.M. my mother got me up I had never slept till 10:00 A.M as I had the habit of getting up early in the morning. Hurriedly I got myself ready for the job. When I was about to leave the home after taking break fast, my phone started blinking as it was on silent mode ( I had put it on silent mode because I was expecting her call and was fearing that my parent would ask about it) my mother asked me to pick up the phone but I did not pick it up in the presence of my mother and told her that I am getting late and I would give back call to whose phone it would be Now the whole of my way the company, I kept on thinking that she would have not liked it as she called me but I did not pick up her call.

I expected she might be annoyed with me after thinking about this for ten minutes, I called her she picked up the phone. From her voice she was looking very happy and wanted to share everything what happened a day earlier to her as she had talked about me with her friends ( girls). But after sharing everything, she got sad as I had not picked up her phone. I some how convinced her by telling the reason. It was for the first time that I was calling her ‘Shaanu’. This was the name given by me to her. After that I talked to her by this name only. She felt very happy after listening this name from me for her.
Now only two months had passed to our friendship and had eager desire to see her it was valentine day when I had decided to meet her. I bought gifts for her. I bought jeans, top and a pairs of sandals for my beloved. I had planned that I would like to discuss about my marriage with her on my marriage with her on my very first meeting with her and that was going to be on Valentine Day. A day before going to meet her I saw all the articles again and again and thought for hundreds of time if she Would like these or not and sometimes I felt that these are made only for her and felt that she would look the most beautiful girl on this earth after wearing these articles.

Day came near and I went in my car to meet her I was wearing the best of my dress as I had firm belief in the saying that first impression is the last impression on that day she had not taken leave from her company ( she too was doing job in Pharma company) as it was compulsory for her to go there on that day. During night we had planned everything on the phone where we were about to meet. But in the morning she was not picking up my phone. I started moving from my residence toward own meeting place at right 7’o clock. I reached at my destiny at 12’o clock. At 12:05 I got her call and she told my that there was an urgent meeting that is why she was not picking up the phone. I felt my self relaxed after hearing it and she was in much hurry to meet me ( as it was appearing from her talk). I asked her to tell me the place where she is and I would came at that place to pick up her. But she said ‘no’ and asked me to wait at that place which was appointed by us. I was eagerly waiting for her. I was seeing again and again at my watch and was thinking when would she come. It was 1:00 P.M. when I called her but she did not pick up the phone. I called her again and again. But there was not any reply and I was getting much worried about it. It waited for her till 3:00 P.M. but I did not get any reply. After that I started going back to my home as my mother was calling me again and again for me where abouts when I was going back to my home, I called her again. But at this time somebody picked up the phone. ( it might be was her sister. I asked about her from her sister. I asked about her from her. She told me that she (my beloved) is no more as she had stucked with an accident after coming from her company.

My senses got numbed after listening these words from her I had not even the courage to disconnect the phone. My senses got numbed. It was that very moment of my life when I felt myself the most unlucky person of the world. Tears started flowing down from my eyes. It became very difficult for me to drive the car. My mother was getting worried for me and was calling me again and again. But I was not in the condition to pick up the phone and answer to her call. I reached my home at 10:00 P.M. I was looking very miserable. She asked me again and again,” where I had gone”. But I did not answer. and went straight way to my bed room. I did not eat anything at that night and even the day after that night. My life became completely isolated. In the morning my mother asked me about the gifts (which I had forgotten in the car during night). Then I could not stop myself disclosing everything to her she listened me sympathetically and did much to lessen my pain.

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  1. Facebook wala pyaar hota hi kamal ka hai, par tumhari kahani sunkar bura laga. You are not unlucky. you will find your best match

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