My Fortune – True Story

My name is sheetal (Changed Name ) . I am 29 years old. I had two sisters and one brother. As I was eldest in the family, my parents got me married with a guy who was a government clerk in a college. Before my marriage my in laws had promised with my parents that they would let me continue my studies. But after my marriage they did not agree to it. My in laws behaviour to me was not good.

They always fought with me on petty issues. Even my husband’s attitude changed to me after I gave birth to a baby. He event went to the extent of beating me. When my parents came to know about it, they came in my home. My in – laws did not treat well even with them they asked for taking me with them.

On listening it my parents told then to keep the baby in their home and they brought me back in the home. I took admission in a college and started doing graduation. I completed my graduation and started doing B.Ed. after doing the course luckily I got government job in a school. My parents again started finding a suitable guy for me. That guy was divorcee.

Date of the marriage was finalized everything was arranged. Palace was booked. Boys party was about to reach. Just then a person told my father that the guy with whom I was going to marry was not good. His attitude toward his ex wife was not good. That is why she has taken divorce from him. Moreover, one day he had tried to kill her wife by burning her.

But she somehow escaped and never came back to home and took divorce from him. When my parents knew, it, they told ‘no’ to bride groom’s marriage and they hid me in somebody’s home. We were able to send them back with great difficulty. After six months some one suggested for me a guy who was lame and doing government job in electricity department. I was not getting ready for the marriage with him because he was lame. But my parents told me that no perfect person will agree to marry with you. So I got agreed for the marriage. Now I have a baby son living happily with my husband.

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