family disputes

My name  is …… I am 18 years old. I am a motherless girl. My father is a cruel man. I do job in a store to keep my house together. My father takes the whole salary from me. I support my two younger brothers also. I have a boy friend whose name is….  I love him too much. He is a good man. He does job in a shipping company. He is a jolly and responsible person. He has promised with me for marriage. He has bought a home also far away. I also want to run away with him for happy life. But when I think about the people or my father, I always feel too much afraid of. My father is very strict person. He does not like my boy friend and he has forbidden me for talking with him. I also feel nervous when I think what people will think about me when they would come to know that I have run away with a boy. I am in complete confusion should I run away with my lover or remain in my house which I do not like at all.

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