wifes confession

My name is ………. I live in …. My husband is mechanical engineer. Seven years passed after our marriage. But I was not  able to give birth to any baby. Actually I was not infertile. There were some complications in my husband’s report which I never revealed to him. As both of us had the unrest desire for the baby, we got treatment from all the surrounding doctors. One day I met with an old friend of mine and I discussed my whole problem with him. He told me that the only solution to this problem is that, if you get involved in the physical relations with some another male and suggested himself for this. We indulged in the physical relations. The result was that I conceived a baby. All the member of my family were very happy as I had conceived after 7 years of my marriage. My husband was also very happy. A son was born to me. Now my husband does not  know anything about  that baby. He loves him as his own baby. But I always  feel my self guilty in front of my  husband because of the sin committed by me for the sake of a baby. The sight of my baby reminds me about the whole  incident which happened b/w me & my friend. Suggest me,  should  I tell about this thing to my husband or not.


  1. If some act brings smile on the face of othes with out harming any one (other than you) then it’s ok.
    U can’t reveal it, that is the punishment

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