Fidelity and infidelity – Painful story of girl

My name is Vandhana Sharma (Changed Name ) . I am from himachal. I am of thirty two years old. My marriage took place three years ago in Punjab in Chandigarh. My husband was from England. My in laws had told us before marriage that my husband would take me with him in England after marriage. So my family got agreed for the marriage. After four months of my marriage, I came to know that my husband is already married in England. And he has children also over there. He himself committed it when one day he drank too much and told everything about his life. I got too much upset on listening it. I was pregnant at that time. My parents were of the view that the guy they have chosen for their daughter is perfectly suitable for her. Because, I could not want to hurt the feelings of my parents, I did not tell them that my husband is already married in England.

After spending six months with me he went back to England. He often calls me and sends me money but I have forgotten what happiness is sometimes, I think of leaving the relationship and telling everything to my parents and now I have a baby girl and I think if I tell about it to my parents they would take me away from my in laws home and get me marry with some another guy which I do not want at all because I think that this would have bad impact on my baby who is the most loveable for me she is the only hope for me in life. Moreover, my in-laws are also co-operative toward me. They have kept me in their home just like their own daughter.

My mother in- law always support me in every thing and often consoles me. She tells me that had she come to know about his son’s marriage in England then she would not have let him marry here she fulfills my every demand. Both my mother- in – law and father – in – law take great care of my baby. They do not want me to leave the home and go in my parental home. Now I have started doing job in a school and my baby too goes with me in the school I am satisfied with my life. My husband visits India after one year. I also want to settle in England with him. But he does not want to take me with him as he is married over there and do not want to tell about me to his first wife. Sometimes, I feel my future insecure and condemn God for writing this in lot but get myself cooled after seeing my baby. I try to give her the love of both mother and father.

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