Finally Achieved my Destination

Finally Achieved my Destination!

I’m Palavi (Changed name). It’s really interesting to share my happy and memorable story. I spent the beautiful studious life, in which I had aim to do something best in my career. I wanted to be an Engineer. I studied hard up-to my higher secondary and got scholarship. Due to some financial problems I was unable to continue my studies. My brother and my brother’s wife forced me to get married. I got married in the joint family with the guy working as shopkeeper in general store. My mother in law didn’t know that I’m an educated girl and want to study further. No one in home wants a professionally qualified girl and everyone wishes from the daughter in law to be homely girl only. I was trying to cooperate and adjust with every family member with love, care and concern. I was same with my in-laws like I was with my own family members.

I always remember my promise, that I had done with my Father that I will become a successful engineer in central government. But due to my family responsibilities, it was looking impossible to fulfill it. One day, my husband Nikhil saw my annual function photograph in which I was getting trophy from the chief Engineer. He came to know that I’m an educated and have dreams to become successful in my career.

The conversation between me and Nikhil was as follows:-

Nikhil: – Is this your photograph Palavi?

Palavi: – Yes… (With some disappointment)

Nikhil: – Are you an educated girl?

Palavi: – Yes Nikhil. I didn’t wanted to hide this fact from anyone, but my brother wanted it. I have no fault in this.

Nikhil: – It’s ok Palavi. Were you not willing to marry?

Palavi: – Nothing like that, but I wanted to complete my studies first, wanted to do something best in my career before marriage.

Nikhil: – Ok. What do you want to become?

Palavi:- No. Now I have no dreams. It’s all ok. May be this is my luck.

Nikhil: – No Palavi, I want you to complete your dreams. So please tell me.

Palavi:- I wanted to become Engineer and want to continue my studies.

Nikhil:- Ok. You wait. I will buy some books for you and today we will take form.

Palavi:- Thanks for creating hope in me again.I had forgotten my all dreams.

Nikhil: – It’s my duty. No need to say thanks.

Now Nikhil is hiding this fact from my mother in law and told me to complete my studies. He brings books for me and I filled up the form. I studied a lot and my name came in toppers list. I got admission in IIT Roorkee and have 34th rank in all over India. He supported me to do best and requested my mother in law to permit me for further studies. So my mother in law also agreed with my studies. I was very thankful to my family to support me. So now I’m living a happy and satisfied life with my loving family.

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