Husband, Wife and Mistress – true story

My name is…. I am working as a school teacher. My marriage took place seven years ago. I was not blessed by any baby for four years after my marriage. My in-laws family had full hope that they will be blessed with the baby. My husband was working in a company at that time. He was loving, caring and did everything for me. He never blamed me for baby. After four years a hope took place in my life. I conceived a baby. I had liking for girl baby. But I was blessed with a son. Everybody in the home was very happy because after four years of my marriage the baby was born prior to it there was no baby in the home as my husband was the only child of my in laws family. My husband had deep feeling and love for the new born baby. He even took care of the baby more than me. After ten years of my marriage an incident happened which became unbearable for me. My husband was used to take me to the school. One day, I introduced him to one of my colleague who had become very good friend of mine. She had joined the school only two months ago. My husband was very impressed by her. He used to talk to me about that lady. I felt that it is just normal. But the lady about whom. I am talking was not morally good which I came to know much later. One day she took my phone from me & started looking at it. This thing had never come into my mind that she had taken my phone just for nothing down the phone no of my husband she noted the phone no of my husband & I did not come to know about it. She started calling my husband. I do not know what she did to my husband that he was willing to do anything for her. I started stopping him for calling that lady. I even fought with that lady for calling my husband. she called my husband & told him that your wife is fighting with me without any reason. When I reached home my husband rebuked me & stopped talking to me. I was feeling fully insecure now as I had never seen him reacting like this in my past life. One day they ran away. It was night when I got up my husband was not there where he was sleeping. I thought he has gone to some place to relax himself. But when I reached school that lady was absent in the school. I was shocked when she did not come another day also & her phone & my husband’s phone were out of coverage area. I understood the whole matter. Till then two years have passed. My husband never called me nor did he came to meet my son. Now he is living with her & they have one baby also. Now I am not living with my in-laws because my in-laws behaviour too changed to me after this incident. I am living on rent & now my only hope lies in my son. Now I thank God for not blessing me with girl child otherwise it would have become too difficult for me in the future.

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