First love – painful story

I am Raveen (Changed Name). I am from Jalandhar. I want to share my love story which is too terrible. I was doing M.B.A at that time. I had too much craze for using facebook. One day I made my bio data on metrimonial website & sent to those girls which were of marriage able age & used this site. I received a message after a month from a girl who was interseted in my profile. Immediately I went through her profile & saw her photograph. She was looking extremely beautiful. I was feeling too happy at that time because finally I had received a call from a girl after a fuel month & moreover she was too young & smart after seeing her profile photograph, I called her. She was interested in having marriage with me. I was calling her for the first time & I talked to her for full about her to my family three hours. After three hours, my balance was zero & my phone disconnected automatically.

Our friendship went on for full six months. We called to each other daily during night & continued talking to each other at late hours. Although I had not discussed about it with my family I planned everything with her about the marriage she had the great desire of talking to my mom. Because I had not told about it to my mom I refused her for talking to my mom one day I was sitting in my family & she was pressing me again and again for telling on phone. At last I gathered the courage & told them. They inquired about that girl and at last they too agreed as I was of marriagable age at that time & she too was a suitable parter for me our family met each other & they decided the date of our marriage also. We both were very happy. After some days I went too America for some time to stay there. I was sent there by my company I called her on daily basis. Two months passed & I was coming in India & was going first in her home to meet her. She too was doing job in a pharma company. On that day she had night shift also and she was coming in her home at late night. The car which she was driving stuck into a truck & she died there. She had promised with me that she would be the first person to meet him in the morning of the next day in her home. As I was going first in her home after coming from America. I reached their home and slept there. When I got up it was 10’0 clock & she had not come to fulfill her promise. I thought she might be sleeping as she would have reached late at night in her home. So I called her on her phone. But she did not pick up. I thought her phone might be on silent mode. I trief again & again. At last her brother picked up the phone and told me that Rakhi (my would be wife) is no more. I felt myself completely stunned. I felt my nerves have stopped working for me & I was sitting completely senseless over there. Now the home which I was thinking my own was lost from me and most terribly my would be partner also. I felt too much pained. My family helped me a lot to come out of that grief.

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