First position in university – true confession

My name is smith (Changed Name ) . I am the only child of my parents. My parents love me a lot. They always pay attention to my studies as I am weak in it I passed my graduation with Third Grade . My parents had great expectations from me. But I had the problem that I could not concentrate on studies I was used to spend my time on phone talking to my girl friends. I paid attention to the studies only during the exams. So my marks were always less. My parents always taunted me by saying that what would you do in your future or how would you do in your future or how would you be able to find the good job with these marks.

When I was in post graduation I did not study throughout the whole year. When the exams were near, I felt myself in the sea. I was not able to understand any of the concept during examination days as the concepts were vast. As I had attended very less lectures in the college, so I was not able to understand even a single lesson. Moreover, I was fearing what would be the reaction of my parents when the result would be out. I hit a plan. I made many slips of all the important questions. So that I could copy from these during the exam. Our supervisor was very sleepy. So it became very easy for me to copy from the slips. In all the papers, I did paper from slips. I did not left any of the question and I was sure that I would get good marks. Many of my friends got compartments in some of the papers when the result was declared. When I checked out for my result, I found that I had topped in the university. I got first rank in the university. I was very happy and surprised to know about it all. My parents were extremely happy to know about my result. They had never expected that I would get position in the university. Really it was remarkable for me. All of my friends were not able to understand that how did I get first position in the university. When I went in to the street, I often used to play tricks with the people I used to tell that my internet is not working. So please find my result by giving them the roll no. When they found it, they really used to praise me a lot after knowing about my marks. It was much satisfying my ego. But after a week, I started feeling a shame of myself. As I was not cheating myself. As only I was cheating myself. As only I was the people who know what was the reality. No I feel that we should not pass the exams by copying we should pass these by hard work. Only then we would be Able to gain true happiness from it and get great heights of glory.

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