Story of my success

My name is Yashika (changed Name). I am from Mumbai. I have two sisters and one brother I am the eldest among these. My family is poor. My father works in a factory and mother is a house wife. After completing post graduation, my parents told me to join some job so that you could become helping hand for the family. When I completed my graduation, it was the mid session of all the educational institutions. So I was supposed to wait till the next session start. But it had become impossible to wait for the next session, as my parents were insisting me again and again for joining some where. I received a call from a school. I went there. I cleared the interview. But when I asked about the salary. They offered me very less salary. I had never thought even in a dream that I would get this much salary after doing post graduation with distinction.

Really, that was very painful for me. I rejected the offer and went back to my home. When I came back to my residence, my parents rebuked me for rejecting the offer. As they were of the view that it was better to continue some where even if on less salary rather than staying free at home. But I had said ‘no’ over there. So, it was no use of crying over the split milk. One day, I talked to my sister about it. She told me to go out of the home and come only when you find job some where. I did the same. It was very hot. I went on foot. When I reached near a school. Where I was supposed to go. I found that, that school was closed due to second Saturday. I felt too much pained. I handed over my resume to the gate keeper and told him to pass it to the principal and went back to home on foot. Next day, I received call of the principal of that school. I went there. They too were offering me very less salary but I joined over there.

Everything was going on very well. Hardly a week had passed since I joined that school; I was coming back to my home. Then I met with my friend. She too was doing job somewhere she inquired about from where I was coming I told her about my school. When I told her the salary. She told me that if I join the school where she was doing job then I would be better paid. So I left that school and joined some another. In that school. I was offered better salary. Now I have got good position in that school. And have become the Vice Principal over there. But whenever I remember the whole account of my success, I often feel too much pained.

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