flirt verses love

Flirt Verses Love

My name is Suresh. I live in Bombay. I am 42 years old. I am married and I have one child also. My wife loves me a lot. She lives in a village in Punjab with my mom, dad and son. I go in Punjab to meet my family during vacations. I am doing job here in M.N.C. before six weeks an employee of my company became very good friend of mine. She is unmarried lady of 28 years. She started coming in the home which I had taken on rent one day she told me that she loves me a lot and can not live without me. As I was married man I told her that I do not have any sort of feeling of love for her. But she did not agree to it. She proposed me for getting married. I refused at that time. One day I was in a party. She was also there. I drank a lot over there. She was also in the habit of drinking. She took me in the room of a restaurant and she spent a night with me. In the intoxication of wine I made physical relations with her as I lost control over my body. She told me after a week that she has got pregnant and she does not want to abort the baby. She threatened me for getting married and told that otherwise she would tell about the whole thing to my wife. I got married with her. Now I am living with her. But sometimes in my heart of hearts I feel that I am committing sin by keeping my wife and my family in the dark. I am too helpless to tell them anything about reality. What should I do to relieve my self. Suggest me the best possible way which could make my life without tension.

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