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path to success

My name is Neeraj. I am from Puna. Some incidents occur in life which leaves deep impression on your mind as well as your life. This incident which I am going to share with you left a deep impression on me. At that time I was just 22 years old. I had just completed my M.B.A. at that time and was in search of a job. Because I was fresher and all the companies had filled all the positions, no company was ready to employ me. I was living an unemployed life at home. Some of my friends had got the jobs in the companies. I got selected in a company but they offered me a very small amount of money. I had never expected that I would experience such sort of circumstances after doing my course. When I heard the amount they were ready to pay tears started flowing down my eyes. I went back to the home rejecting the offer. When I went back to home my mother supported me for rejecting the offer as that amount was too less which they were ready to me. On the other hand my father started rebuking me for rejected the offer. He told that. It was better to get less amount of money than living the life as unemployed in the home. My sister was also too much supporting. She told me to keep on searching the job in one company. After the other and the day will not be for when you get the suitable job. One day I started right from the morning I kept on walking till the noon. I reached near a company was on holiday on that day. I felt too much painful. I handed over my resume to the watchman. He assured me that I will hand it over to the manager of the company. I went back to home. I went back to home on foot in the sun. when I reached home my father asked me where you were. I told him that I had gone in a company to find the job. He told that no company will employ you. You have committed a blunder by rejecting the offer of that company. I felt too painful. Next day I received a call from that company. There was a position vacant. I went there. But they too were paying me very less amount. But I however got ready to join that company as it was better for me to join some company even on less amount rather that staying at home. Hardly a week passed when I had joined that company, then I received a call from the another company. They offered me better scale. I joined that company. I worked there for six months. After that I received a call from the very big & reputed company of that area they were ready to pay me the best salary. I joined that company. I received too many calls from the other reputed companied also for the job. Now I am doing the job of a senior manager in the biggest company of my area. But whenever I looks back at my life how I had started my career I often feel too painful for myself. I have too much sympathy in my heart for unemployed persons.

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