We all are Indians I have proud on it. But I think it is not less than any curse to born as Girl child especially in India. I think girls are not less than boys in any field. Today I am sharing a real incidence of my life with you through .


I am 15 years old. My name is seema (Changed Name). I live in a village. My father has a tea shop. I am the single child of my family and studying in 10th class in a convent school. One day, a couple came in a car. They asked my father about a safe route from that place. My father showed them the path and asked them that there is another road which is less trodden and is very dangerous path. He told them that they must not travel from that side. But that couple moved toward that side where my father had warned them for not going. We saw that after covering some distance, they stopped the car and threw a thing from the window on the passage and they moved away at a fast speed from that place. We were quite surprised to see this all which was happening before our eyes. We went near that place where had thrown that thing. We were bewildered to see that there was a baby girl who was crying.


My father picked up that girl out of sympathy. We brought that girl in our home. We cleaned her and there were some wounds on her body. We embalmed her wounded skin. That girl child is exceedingly beautiful. We had noted the no. of that car and those couple will be found soon as we have filed F.I.R. (Police Report )  against them. We are at a loss to understand how the parents of a child can throw their own child. I think because it was a baby girl, that is why her parents throw her away from the car so that anybody pick her up and bring up her. Although those couple will soon be detected but we will not hand over this child to them.


We will bring up that child our self.  We fear that if they take that child from here, then they could throw her at another place also. But I always think that what the fault of child is if she is a girl. I feel a shame on such a society which treats with girl child like this. They even kill girls for having a boy child. But this is the greatest sin in the world. We should try to change the thinking of such a society. We should make them to understand that no society can run without girl child. Without girls, wives, mothers, sisters, we can not imagine happiness on this earth. Then why are we running after destroying this happy earth by killing a girl child.

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