Family disputes and me – painful story of child

My name is sugandha (changed Name) . I am of eighteen years old. I am studying in B.SC second year year. I was the single child of my parents and I was brought up in a joint family. When I was of just 5 years old, the distance between my parents started expanding. Both my parents started ignoring me they got separated when I was in third class. My father went in to England and he got married there. My mother went in to her parental home and did not take me with her and she never came back to take me with her.

My father even did not call me for a single time after separation. Now what was my fault for taking birth in the home of such sort of parents?  My grandfather and grandmother brought me up. They brought up me very lovingly. They did not rebuke me even for a single time. Now I am of eighteen years. And my father came in the home with my step mother. He was surprised to see me. My step mother has two sons. Now my grandfather and grandmother love them too and their love to me has lessened now. My father loves me inwardly. But my step mother does not like when he shows concern toward me.

They want to get me marry as early as possible. But I want to continue my study. I first want to stand on my feet and after that I want to think about marriage. Sometime I think was this written in my fault. I always need the assistance of my mother in doing every task. But I do not know if she ever think about me. I have never felt a mother’s love. Whenever I go in my friend’s home, I feel my friends lucky as they have very loving and caring mother and father. But I have never received such sort of love from my mom – dad. My friends always talk about their brothers, sisters, mom, and dad in the class. I always remain silent about my family I always avoid talking about my family with others.

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