honest Love story

My name is Rohit. I was living in Chandigarh. There was my cousin’s marriage and I went there. It was good celebration. I saw a girl in my cousin’s marriage. My family and her family members were talking for our marriage. I refused for the marriage and she was also not ready for marriage.
One day I just send the friend request to her. Her name was Roop ( Changed Name ) . She accepted my friend request, We even were at the same place but never talked to each other face to face. She was living in Delhi.
We started talking at facebook. The marriage was over and I came back to Chandigarh. It was good to talk to her. We became friends at facebook.
One day I was talking to her and at that time,time seemed like flying. My roommate came to me and asked me” with whom are you chatting now”?.
I replied:-She is my friend.
He said: – Its 12:30 and you are talking to your friend??
See “if she is your only friend then sits in the room and if she is more than it then please go outside the room”. He is very religions and do not want his friends to do flirt of any kind with any girl. So he wanted me to get serious relationship with the girl if I have.
I went outside the room.
I was talking to Roop and told her about this. She understood that she is more than friend for me.
I need to know her response now. At that time she said good night and did not respond.
Next day she was online and we talked.
I asked her: – Roop I’m of spiritual kind and cannot say anything more than this.
I just want your response. So are u understanding “what iam saying”?
She said: – Yeah I’m getting you. And my answer is yes…
I was happy when she said yes.
She was from civil engineering field. I told her to move in IT sector in java branch.
I told her to come in Chandigarh, but her Parents were not allowing her to come in Chandigarh as Delhi itself had many coaching centers so I took my sister’s help in it. She was the HR of the company. She talked to her sister, who was married. Her Parents got ready to send her to Chandigarh. She knows my sister and believes her a good girl.
Now Roop was preparing to come in Chandigarh. I went to airport to pick her. It was nice to meet her first time. She also felt happy to see me there.
I arranged a room of her with my sister’s friend named jiya (changed Name ) who was also living as a Paying guest in Chandigarh. I also searched the Java institute for her.
She started her coaching and was preparing well. As time passes we communicated and we started liking each other.
I discussed it with my family to marry her. At that time my family’s mood changed and all were saying that “we have seen a girl for you”.
I discussed it with Roop
She told me:- It’s ok I’ll be back on coming Monday.
I replied: – I can’t go against to my family. But I told Roop that you came here for me and by trusting me so I want you to complete your training first. At least fulfill your purpose for what you came here.
She said ok.
I paid her full fees. She continued her training.
I thought of talking again to my family.
I also took my sister’s help again. I told my sis to convince the family for Roop.
She did it. My mom dad got agreed with her. I told this to Roop and she also became happy.

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