I am not made for love – sad love story

My name is Avneet Gupta (Changed Name ) . (here i am sharing my very sad love story with you ) I am from Bathinda. I am doing M.C.A. I am twenty three years old. My father has a prosperous business and mother is house wife. My parents love me a lot as I am single child in the family.

When I was in first semester of M.C.A, studying in the college, I met with a girl who too was studying in the same college doing B.C.A. from her activities, I always noticed that she wants to talk to me but am not able to express her feelings. One day, we all friends were moving in the college as we were free; she too was passing from the same path along with her friends. I heard one of her friend saying her that our jeeju is coming by pointing at me. Now I was sure that what I was thinking about that girl is absolutely right.

At that time, without thinking anything, I stopped at that place from where she was passing and said her to stop and asked her if she wants to say something to me. She kept silent where as her friend told me that she likes me a lot. She also told that she always talks about me with them. On listening it I started smiling. After that I asked if she wants to say anything to me how. (Girl who was interested in me) from her friend, I came to know that her name is Tanvi (Changed Name) . I handed my phone number to Tanvi and asked her to phone me after reaching at home. She called me after reaching home and expressed her feelings to me. I was surprised to notice that she loves me too dearly after that she became very good friend of mine and we started calling daily each other.

The spark of love had taken place in my heart after knowing that she loves me so dearly. Our friendship continued for completely two years. When it was my last semester of M.C.A and I was supposed to leave the college for helping my father in our business. When there was my last exam of M.C.A. she came near me and asked if I would forget her after leaving college. She was looking very pained on knowing that it was my last day in the college. I told her and she would never forget her and she would remain forever with me. I also assured her that I would often visit college even after the exams for meeting her.

One day, I told everything about my friend Tanvi to my mother. My mother is my best friend. She was happy to know about her and she had come to know that I have some special feelings for Tanvi.

After some days since I left my college, I fell ill. I consulted many doctors but I did not recover when I got myself medically checked up, I came to know that I have heart disease and it was very difficult for me to get well soon. Even heart transplantation was not possible due to some reasons. Now it was the stage, when I wanted that Tanvi should forget me. So whenever she calls me I do not pick up the phone because I do not want to make her pained by telling that I am suffering from some serious disease and I will not recover. I have even told a lie to one of her friend that I have made some another friend (girl) and told her to convey that message to Tanvi because I want her to forget me as early as possibly because perhaps I am not made for love.

( This was end of my sad and painful love story so that i give title “i am not made for love” )

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