i can’t get him- painful love story

My name is Ishika(changed name ). I was in class 6th , in our school class shuffle after 2-3 three years and now this batch of sixth is going to shuffle after seventh . In sixth we were made to sit with girls but when we entered in class seventh we were made to sit roll number wise and I have to sit with a boy named Sanmay ( changed name) he is good looking guy . Firstly it was my first turn to sit with a boy.
We share all our talks non-veg jokes and all that stuff . One day he told me he like a girl from our class . so I tease him a lot by her name to him and he all so tease by some boy name . It was really fun .
but many days I was not well he take care of me , if I don’t talk to him he always force me to talk to him. I can’t understand this feeling I always force me to stop thinking about but I can’t so…. then I thought this class is going to shuffle and all things are going to be right.
The first day of my eighth class I was arrived earlier in class but then I saw him coming in my class I was like shit why the hell he is coming in my class?
Then our class teacher give both of us the responsibility of display board to decorate. I enjoyed his company . He always talk to her old friends, I didn’t like that. One day we had fight and I didn’t talk to him for 6 days and he was like doing his possible actions to talk me but I didn’t he always turn back his face to see me I started talking to other boys. He feel jeleous then we talk but I feel it is not right so stopped talking to him in mid eighth. Our. class changed in 9 th but we were friends on Facebook. I happily chat with him sometimes. I him do you have a girlfriend an one day he yes I was like I have gone mad and I told him I like you on facebook then he didn’t reply me I can’t take this anymore. I went straight to talk, him I said I like you he said okay . Yaaa thats all I unfriennd him in anger but sent him request again and he accepted. I was very happy then suddenly unfriend me. I was like why he had done this no answer?
I was left wid that love I felt it was my 1st experience I m in 11th and he has also opt for same stream . He comes to my class for optional period n never ever talked to me but I still have feelings for him.

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