My Funny Love Story

My name is Vishal. I am from Panchkula. I am of 26 years old. I love the girl of my class. There was deep attachment between us. We often go on dates in the restaurants and on long driving. Five years had passed to our friendship. One day we were going on a long drive. As there was traffic, a policeman was standing near that place. When I reached near that place, my friend told me for not going toward that place. She asked me for not going near that police man. I told her that what is the need of afraiding of the man who is in police and I rather than slowing down the speed of the bike, I speeded it up and went near that place man. My friend was sitting at the back seat of the bike. That police man caught the arm of my friend and told her to get down from the bike. I caught the hand of that police man and our conversation went on like this.


I :- who are you to ask her for getting down from my bike.


He :- who are you to ask me like this?


I :- I am the friend of this girl.


He :– I am the father of this girl.


I :- I got down from the bike and started begging sorry from him for behaving like this and told him that I love this girl truly and want to marry her even.


After much time, he became cool and asked me for calling my parents over that place. My father is an I.A.S. officer. Prior to it, I had not the knowledge that my friend’s father is in police. I did not imagine for a single time that policeman could be my friends father. Had I come to know about it before hand, I would have never came near that police man. My parents reached at that place after an hour. He started complaining about me to my parents. My eyes were low at that time because I was too much insulted at that time. After that my parents got me back in the home with them.

After four years, when my friend did not get ready for the marriage to any guy and told that she would like to remain single rather than marrying any other guy except me. As she was the single child of her parents and her parents loved her a lot. They got agreed to let her marry with me. My parents too got ready for marrying me with that girl as she was extremely beautiful and intelligent and was doing job in the same company where I was doing. Now we are married and living happily.

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