I lost all my memory

Many times the faces of life are so typical and horrible that you can never expect to see. The same thing I experienced in my life.

One day I went to college and was wondering with friends in the college campus during break. Suddenly a college boy was attacked with a big knife in his stomach. We all could not understand the scene what was going on in front of our eyes. I lost my consciousness to see that happening with the boy. We were 4 boys in the group roaming. We did not care for anything and took the boy and ran towards the nearest hospital .i don’t know who was the attacker. We could not see his face even because he had covered his face and he had come on bike.

His operation had started within few minutes and he was saved by the doctors. We had called his parents to the hospital and let them know about the situation. The FIR was launched and as eye witnesses we were caught guilty. Later the boy was saved .

We were still in shock because of the scene that took place in front of our eyes. I felt for some time that I lost everything and stuck to the situation .

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