I lost my Grandmother

Hello! I am Hitesh who was born in a remote area of Delhi. Today I’m 17 years old. In Delhi my father was working in a bank as a branch manager. I was only child of my loving papa and almost my entire family lavished its affection on me. All my demands were fulfilled by my family. My grandparents used to love me in such a way that they used to wait for my arrival from school just to offer me my favorite sweets. One day I said my grandfather to get me buy a new phone that cost 8000 rupees. My grandfather did not answer me . My grandfather was retired govt. servant and his pension was just 7000 rupees per month. Most of his pension was used in grandmother’s treatment. She was a suffering from diabetes and she timely used to take insulin vaccination.

One day my grandfather’s pension came and he gave it in my hand to keep it in almirah safely. But what I did was not good. I took all that money and added my pocket money to it which I saved. Next day I went and purchased the same phone which I liked .

The same day my grandmother got an attack and she had to be admitted in hospital immediately. We all got very worried. My grandfather asked me for the money which he gave me but I had spent all that.

Today my grandmother is no more due to the delay in her treatment just because of lack of money. I’feel very much repent on my biggest mistake. I make confession for this.


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