I lost everything in the share market

My name is Mukul Tiwari (Changed Name ) . I lost everything in the share market . I am from Delhi. I am of twenty nine years and doing job in a bank. I had much interest in the share market form the very beginning of my life.

I have a wife and a girl also. I have a happy family and we were living unite happily unless I had not entered in the share market’s business. In the beginning I started trading the small amount of money. I often earned much profit by buying the shares and selling these at higher prices. I was very happy in those days as my business of share market was growing day by day

I had saved eight lakh rupees from my job’s salary in five years. My wife too does the job. She is a school teacher. I started investing money from those eight lakhs. One day I bought the shares of two lakh as I was sure that I would earn profit. I did not ever tell any thing to my wife that I have bought the shares of two lakh rupees. Actually, I wanted to present her a gift by earning profit from the investment of this money.

But unfortunately, I did not earn any profit rather the price of each share decreased by half. So I sell those shares on half price by loosing one lakh. I started feeling much tensed after loosing one lakh. I wanted to earn profit by the share market. So next day, again I bought the shares of two lakh. After a few minutes I saw that the price of my shares is rising. I wanted to get more profit so I did not sell those shares at that time and wanted to wait so that I could earn more. But unfortunately my shares price started decreasing. After five days, I saw that these will not rise any more. So I sell those shares at much loss.

After that moment, I did not go in my home; I drank wine in the pub in order to remore the depression of loosing the money. When I reached late at night, at home, my wife got very angry and started abusing me for drinking the wine. She asked me the reason of getting late at night and drinking wine. As I did not want to tell her anything that I had lost four lakhs in share market I went to sleep. In the morning I got up and went back to my working place.

I still had hoped that I would win. So I invested rest part of my money also in the share market. I earned the profit of 50,000 so my interest in this business again increased and I invested the money again but I do not know, die to my bad luck, the price of every share decreased and it reached at just 20%. Now I was just left with 50,000 and I did not want to part with those. And I could not think of investing this money also in the share market.

A month has passed since this incident happened but I have not told anything about it to my wife. She wants to buy the flat. So she often says me take loan and with those eight lakhs. Buy a flat near by. But I have not ability to tell her anything Regarding that.

Sometimes, I think of committing suicide because of depression but on the same time I think about my wife and baby. I love them the most on this earth. But I do not want to keep in the dark for any more time. Now I suggest all the guys that do not be foolish like me and do not raise the policy which I used for earning money (share market ).

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