my Unexpected love story – true love story

My name is Ravi (Changed name) . By this site, I want to share my unexpected love experience which took place the First year. I am of twenty years old. I am doing engineering in the college. I am from village and daily commute from the village to come in college for study.

The atmosphere of my college is very liberal. I want to share my unexpected love experience which took place the First year. All of my friends had girl friends. Where as I was single. They always wanted from me to make the girl friend. But I was of the view that I am from village. So no girl would get ready to accept me as her friend. So I always hesitated in these matters.

One day, my friends suggested me a girl for friendship. My friend ajay (Changed Name) told her from shivani to convey the message to that girl? (Rohani) that Ravi is in love with her and he want to have friendship with her. When shivani conveyed my message to rohani saying that Ravi is interested in her, then she told her that but she is not interested in her and she could never make friendship with a guy who is from village.

After that I developed inferiority complex and thought that I would never ask any girl for the friendship. I started thinking that no body would get ready to make friendship with me as I am from village. So I stopped thinking about the girls.

One day, I came early from the college to my home as I was not feeling well. When I was sitting in my room, my phone started ringing. It was the call from an unknown number when I picked up the phone, I came to know that a girl asked me,” are you ravi?” I got shocked and asked who are you? She did not answer and said by mistake she dialed the wrong number I asked if she dialed the wrong number then who did she come to know that my name is Ravi. She did not disclose her identity and just told me that she likes me.

After that she started calling me daily and we used to talk reach other for hours to gather. I was still not aware who the girl who calls me daily is. I discussed that with my friends but we did not reach at any solution.

After a week, when I was in the college, I received the call from the same number now I was eager to know who the girl who calls me daily is. When my friends started finding which girl is on phone in the college campus, they found that the girl who had rejected my offer by saying that she could not have friendship with the guy who is from village I was shocked to know that the girl who used to call me is the same girl who had once rejected my proposal.

When my friends, asked her about that she told them that she had realized her mistake after rejecting the offer and after that she started liking Ravi. She felt sorry from me and told me that she likes me truly. So I forget all that and make her my friend. I had never expected that she would start loving me after rejecting my offer so her love for me is really unexpected love and my love is going on well with her.

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