I want to leave my Ex- Boyfriend

My name is neeru (Changed Name). I am twenty five years old. One year has passed since my marriage took place. Before my marriage I was in affair with a guy. But my parents did not agree for my marriage with him as he was without work and was not from a reputed family. Under pressure I too yielded to my parent’s wishes and got married with the guy they choose for me. One year has passed t my marriage. My husband is too much caring and loving. Everyone takes too much care of me in the home. Now I am pregnant and everyone is too much happy in the home. My boy friend with who I was in affair before marriage has started disturbing me. He calls me and asks for meeting me but I don’t want to do so as I have fear that it will affect my married life. He says that he would tell about their past relationship to my husband. Guys I do not want to meet him as I just want to forget him forever for everybody’s happiness. But he is just blackmailing me. If I don’t meet him he would tell the whole thing to my husband. So please guys suggest me what to do or what not.

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