Love vs friendship

My name is shreya (Changed Name ) I am of eighteen years old and studying in a college & is doing graduation . When I was in Just tenth class, I started I friendship with a guy whose name is Amir (Changed Name). We remained very good friends till graduation . He is extra ordinarily intelligent and he always helps me in everything. From my side it is just friendship but from amit’s side it is not just friendship but more than that with the grouping of age , he has developed intimacy with me but my confusion is that I have started liking some another guy whose name is Raj ( Changed Name ) . He too likes me to much. But this thing is not known to amit. I think he would not be able to tolerate when he would come to know that I have started liking someone else. Raj is very handsome and wealthy guy from his talks, sometimes I guess that he is interested even in marriage with me but only problem is that of Amit. Guys suggest me what is god for me. Tell me. If I should forget my old friendship or leave Raj?

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