I want to leave my girl friend

My name is sanjam (Changed Name) . I want to breakup with my girlfriend. I am from shimla. I am of twenty one years old. Four years before, I started liking a girl who was from my relatives. I had seen her in the marriage of my cousin (sister). She was looking beautiful. Her name is radhika (changed name). From her activities, it was quite sure that she was interested in me. Because all through the marriage. She kept near me. And discussed many things of her like to me. At that time she was in secondary class. When the marriage ceremony was over and I was about to leave the place, she came near me and demanded my phone number. I passed her my phone number because I too had started liking her.

When I reached home, she called me. We had a friendly talk with each other for two hours. In the beginning, I felt that I have met with the girl of whom I was in search. So I was very happy. We started meeting each other and hardly any day passed when we did not call to each other. Our friendship went on well smoothly for four years. During these years, we came very close to each other. But now I feel as if her behaviour to me has completely changed. As she has stopped giving me the importance which she used to give me earlier. She always does such things which I do not like at all. Her behavior has become quite irritating to me.

One day I told her not going to the place which was unsafe for girls. But she did not hear me at all and went there along with her other friends. Her friends are not character wise good. So I always suggest her for leaving them but she always says me that she can not do it as they are her best friends and she does not want to part with them. Sometimes, I think I always accept what she says but she does not give even a little bit importance to my suggestion. She even starts fighting with me by saying that she is not under me if she is my friend and says that the friendship has become limitation for me which she does not like at all.

In everything related to her life, she has her own decisions but on the other hand she want to have complete control over the matters which are related to my life out how could it be possible because friendship is based on give and take relationships. Now circumstances have taken such a shape that I want to get rid of her because I do not want to keep in touch with the girl who always has her own wishes. But she does not want to leave me and does not want to leave me and tells that she would tell about their affair to their family. I just do not want to carry on friendship with her but I am helpless as that girl is from my relatives. Suggest me guys what should I do to get rid of her.

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