incomplete love story

My name is….I have completely my graduation. Now I stays in my home. I love a boy who lives in my street. We daily call each other sometimes, he comes in our home to meet me. Last week, my mother came to know about it when I was on the roof of our home, and he was also on the roof of his home and we were talking to each other on phone. My mother scolded me and advised me to break off all the relations with him. She threatened me by saying that she would tell the whole matter to my father. My father is a very strict person. One day, no body was in the home. He came in our home as I was not picking up his call from the last week. We were talking to each other when me mother entered the home. She had forgotten some papers which were desired for what she was going outside. We were completely shocked. She slapped me in front of that boy & sent him outside and told the whole matter to my father. They do not like me now any more because I have broken their trust. Now they want me to get marry with the boy of their choice. But I am not able to forget the boy who lives in my street as I love him the most. Sometimes, I think of running away with him. But when I think, what would happen when my parents will come to know about it. Suggest me the best way.

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