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Hi friends I am going to share an incident related to me life which had deep impact on me. I was in tenth class at that time. Summer vacations were going on. There was nobody in the home. I started dialing wrong no.’s on my phone. I dialed a no. which was unknown.  A boy picked up the phone and asked me who  am I . I told him my false name. whenever, there was nobody in the home, I started calling him. My intimacy developed with him with the passage of time. We started spending the time for hours on the phone. After some time I started calling him during night when everybody was sleeping. Now it had become difficult for me to pass the time without talking to him. Now it had become my need to disclose my identity to him. Because I had started liking him. One day we planned to meet each other. We reached at the appointed time and place. When I saw him he was looking more handsome than I had expected. We talked to each other whole heartedly & disclosed our real identity also. a t that time, he was in +2 class & I was in 10th our friendship continued for 7 years. When we reached at our marriageable age, I told him to come in our home & asked my hand from my parents. My parents agreed as he was form a sound family & was working on a good job. His parents had already accepted me as their would be daughter in law. We got married & today I am living happy and contented married life just because of that wrong no. that I had dialed in the absence of parents.


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