International Love Story

My name is Aradhya (Changed Name ) . I am studying in a university. I love boy who is from South Africa and studies in the same university. I am deeply inclined to him. He is topper of his class and is very intelligent. I want to marry him. We often go out for long drive as well as for enjoyment. I am fair complexioned and beautiful girl. But my boy friend is of black colour. My friends even say me that you are beautiful look very black near you. They tell me that you will never be able to adjust in South Africa after marriage as they do have their own culture and customs. But I am deeply attached to him. I can not think of marrying any other person except him. In the summer vacations, when I went back to my home, they suggested me guys for the purpose of marriage. I told them about the guy who is from South Africa (my boy friend) and told them that I just want to marry him. When they asked me for showing the picture of my boy friend, I showed them and they were shocked to know that I want to marry the boy who is of very dark complexion. They rebuked me and said that they would not allow me to get marry with this guy. When my friend talked about his relationship with me to his family, they got ready to accept me as their daughter – In – law.


Now I have ceased meeting with my boy friend. I do not have any problem if he is of black colour. But why do societies interfere on the basis of colour I want to convey my message to everybody by sharing my experience that love does not know colour caste, age, religion, place etc. parents to should understand the feelings of their children. They should not force them to marry against their wishes.  Everybody has the right to choose his/ her life partner. Parents are elder than their children. They always think  about the betterment of their children. But they should from the point of view of their children also. They should not impose their wishes on them because their children too have their own wishes. They should not think what society would think if their child gets married out of caste. They must have independent thinking free from vices.

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